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Coordinates: 50°47′13″N 13°58′43″E / 50.78694°N 13.97861°E / 50.78694; 13.97861

The Battle of Peterswalde occurred on 15 August 1759, in Peterswald, now part of the Czech Republic, during the Seven Years War. Peterswalde was the site of a Habsburg ammunition magazine. A column of Prince Henry of Prussia's advance guard, under command of Johann Jakob von Wunsch, attacked a position strongly held by Croatians of the Habsburg military. In the skirmish, the Croats were routed out of their positions. Wunsch ordered all the munitions destroyed; he also destroyed several ships that were stationed on the Elbe river. Wunsch's force stayed in the village overnight; the next day they were attacked by the imperial force of the Archbishop of Mainz; in the subsequent skirmish, Wunsch's Prussians took one officer and 22 men prisoner.[1]


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