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Battle of Piribebuy
Paraguayan corpses in the battlefield
Remains of Paraguayan soldiers in the battlefield.
Date August 12, 1869
Location Piribebuy, Cordillera Department, Paraguay
Result Brazilian victory
  • Flag of Paraguay (1842-1954).png Paraguay
Flag of Brazil (1822–1870).svg Empire of Brazil
Commanders and leaders
Paraguay General Pedro Pablo Caballero Empire of Brazil Count of Eu
Empire of Brazil General Mena Barreto
Empire of Brazil General Correa da Camara
Empire of Brazil General Vitorino
1,600 men 20,000 men
47 guns
Casualties and losses
over 1,000 killed (600 burned in hospital) mild losses

The Battle of Piribebuy was fought on August 12, 1869 in the Paraguayan town of Piribebuy, which was then serving as a temporary capital of the Paraguayan government. The Paraguayan defenders, who were poorly armed and included children, fought the attacks of the Allied forces, led by French-born Brazilian general Prince Gaston, son-in-law of Emperor Pedro II of Brazil and a veteran of the Spanish-Moroccan War of 1859. The battle lasted 5 hours, with the Allies, who had overwhelming numerical advantage, capturing the town. The town's hospital was burned and official documents were lost in the resulting fire.[1]


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