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Battle of Plataea
Part of Lamian War
Date 323 BC
Location Plataea, Boeotia
Result Athenian victory
Athens Boeotia
Commanders and leaders
Leosthenes unknown
5,000 soldiers

500 cavalry

2,000 mercenaries


The Battle of Plataea was fought on 323 BC between the Athenian and Boeotian armies during the Lamian War.

When the other Greeks rebelled against Macedonian dominance in 323, the Boeotians were one of the non-Macedonian Greek peoples who opposed the movement.[1] After Alexander the Great destroyed Thebes in 335 BC he gave the Theban lands to the Boeotians,[1] but without Macedon as hegemon in central Greece the Boeotians feared the Athenians would revive Theban power as a counterweight to the Macedonians and so the Boeotians would lose the lands they gained.[1]

When Athens sent reinforcements to Leosthenes' forces the Boeotians mobilized to resist the Athenians. The Athenians' reinforcements consisted of five thousand men and five hundred horses, as well as two thousand mercenaries[1], while Leosthenes moved with part of his forces to meet with them. After joining with the Athenian reinforcements, Leosthenes formed his men in line and attacked the Boeotian camp, defeating the enemy. After the victory he hurried back to Thermopylae where he would meet Antipater's army.


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