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Battle of Point Pedro (2006)
Part of the Sri Lankan Civil War
MV Pearl Cruise II Sri Lankan troop transport vessel.jpg
The MV Pearl Cruise II was at the center of a sea battle between the SLN and the Sea Tigers in May 2006
Date May 12, 2006
Location off Point Pedro, Jaffna
Result Sri Lankan Navy victory
 Sri Lanka Navy Sea Tigers
several gun boats,
one troop transport
15 boats
Casualties and losses
17 killed, 1 boat sunk[1] 54 killed, 5 boats sunk[1]

The Battle of Point Pedro was a naval battle that occurred on May 12, 2006 near Point Pedro,[2] Jaffna, Sri Lanka. The Sri Lankan Navy was attacked by a group of Tamil Tiger boats. A group of SLN attack boats was escorting a troop transport, the MV Pearl Cruise II which was carrying 710 soldiers for the city of Jaffna which had been under siege for the previous six years. About 15 Sea Tiger boats, including suicide boats, were engaged in the battle. One navy and five Tiger boats were sunk. The navy boat was sunk by an LTTE suicide boat. The SLN suffered 17 sailors killed while the Sea Tigers had 54 reported dead. The LTTE boats didn't manage to get to the troop transport, and the attack was repelled.[1]

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