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Battle of Point Pelee
Part of Pontiac's War
Date 28 May 1763
Location Point Pelee
Result Decisive Native victory
British Regulars Wyandot Warriors
Commanders and leaders
Lieutenant Abraham Cuyler Unknown
98 troops, 20 boats Over 200
Casualties and losses
61 men, 18 boats lost (1 later recaptured) Light

The Battle of Point Pelee was a military engagement in 1763 during Pontiac's Rebellion.[1]


Pontiac's Indian warriors surrounded Fort Detroit, besieging the British forces inside.[2] On May 28, a supply convoy commanded by Lieutenant Abraham Cuyler stopped at Point Pelee on its way to Detroit. Unaware of the ongoing siege, Cuyler and his men made camp without taking extra security precautions.


The following morning, about 200 Natives attacked, killing or capturing 61 of the 96 men of Cuyler's expedition.[3]


Those who escaped made their way to Fort Sandusky, but found it destroyed, and so they returned to Fort Niagara. The Indians took their captives to Detroit, where they were tortured and mutilated. The bodies were then tossed into the river to float by Fort Detroit, which undermined morale in the fort.


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