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Battle of Punitz
Part of the Great Northern War
Date October 28, 1704
Location Punitz, Poland
Result Inconclusive[1]
Naval Ensign of Sweden Swedish Empire Flag of Electoral Saxony.svg Electorate of Saxony
Commanders and leaders
Charles XII Johann Matthias von der Schulenburg

2,300 engaged,
2,900 on the march


3,600 infantry,
500 cavalry,
9 cannon

Casualties and losses

130 killed,
100 wounded


300 killed,
200 captured,
9 cannon

The Battle of Poniec took place on October 28, 1704 in Poniec, Poland, during the Great Northern War. The Swedish Army under Charles XII unsuccessfully dislodged the Saxon Army under Johann Matthias von der Schulenburg through several cavalry charges. The Saxons had deployed in a massive square formation near the village of Janiszewo, west of Poniec.


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