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Battle of Posolskeya
Part of the Russian Civil War
Wolfhounds on parade in Vladavostock, August 1918
U.S. troops of the 27th infantry regiment parading through Russia during the intervention.
Date January 9, 1920
Location Posolskeya, Siberia, Russia
Result American victory
US flag 48 stars.svg United States Cossacks
Commanders and leaders
United States Fred Bugbee Unknown
39-man platoon Around 80
1 armored train
Casualties and losses
2 killed
2 wounded
5 killed
74 captured
1 armored train seized

The Battle of Posolskeya, the last engagement of the Allied intervention to involve American forces, occurred on 8 January 1920, after U.S. troops were surprise attacked by Cossacks loyal to the Russian SFSR.


On January 8, 1920, the announcement was made that the American Expeditionary Force Siberia would be withdrawn from Russia. The following day, around 80 Cossacks and an armored train attacked a much smaller platoon of M Company, 27th Infantry, which managed to capture most of the attacking force while leaving the rest dead. Subsequently, the withdrawal of the expeditionary force continued as planned with no further obstructions.[1][2]


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