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Battle of Potrero Obella
Part of the Paraguayan War
Date October 28, 1867
Location Potrero Obella, Paraguay
Result Brazilian victory
Flag of Paraguay.svg Paraguay Empire of BrazilEmpire of Brazil
Commanders and leaders
Paraguay Cap. José González Empire of Brazil Gen. Mena Barreto
300 soldiers 5,000 soldiers
Casualties and losses
81 killed, 49 captured 9 officers and 76 soldiers killed
23 officers and 287 soldiers wounded

The Battle of Potrero Obella was a battle between a Paraguayan Army of 300 against 5,000 Brazilians. Although the Paraguayans took heavy losses, they inflicted 395 casualties (85 killed, 310 wounded) on the Brazilians.

October 28, 1867, attacked by the mountain, but to the incessant fire of the Paraguayan defense artillery, they were forced to continue working toward the outside of the mountain.

When they reached the positions of defense, the Paraguayan forces offered fierce resistance, but in the overwhelming numerical supremacy of the enemy must retreat, but not before causing havoc in the enemy ranks.

The next day, 29, Duke of Caxías ordered Tayi advancement direction. This action caused concern in Lopez, who knew that a possible occupation of that area by Allied forces cut would mean that communication waterway Paraguayan army.

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