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Battle of Pouancé
Part of Breton-Norman War
Pouancé Castle
Date 1066
Location Pouancé, France
Result Breton victory
Flag of Normandie Duchy of Normandy
Royal Arms of England Angevin Empire
Armoiries Bretagne - Arms of Brittany Duchy of Brittany
Commanders and leaders
Flag of NormandieWilliam, Duke of Normandy
Royal Arms of England Rivallon I of Dol
Royal Arms of England Geoffrey III of Anjou
Conan II of Brittany

The Battle of Pouancé was a battle in Conan II of Brittany's campaigns against the rebel Rivallon I of Dol, the Angevin King Geoffrey III, and the Duchy of Normandy's ruler, William.

During Conan's 1066 campaign against Anjou, he took Pouancé from the Angevin Empire.


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Coordinates: 47°44′29″N 1°10′30″W / 47.74139°N 1.175°W / 47.74139; -1.175

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