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Battle of Providencia (also called the Second Battle of Cahuenga Pass) took place in 1845 on Rancho Providencia in the San Fernando Valley of southern California.

It was a battle rooted in the fact that Mexico was choosing Mexicans to be Governors of Alta California instead of Californians. In 1842, the Mexican government appointed Manuel Micheltorena as governor. The native-born Californios did not like him and, by 1844, a revolt began. After fighting near Los Angeles, Micheltorena finally decided to give up his fight. He withdrew his forces and Pío Pico became governor.

Despite the excessive artillery barrage (cannonballs are still occasionally found during excavations in the area) [1] casualties in the battle were limited to one horse and one mule.[2]

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Coordinates: 34°10′48″N 118°19′41″W / 34.180°N 118.328°W / 34.180; -118.328

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