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Battles of Qurah and Umm al Maradim
Part of the Persian Gulf War
An Iraqi Navy Ship being destroyed by naval gunfire.
Date 24–29 January 1991
(5 days)
Location Persian Gulf, Off the coast of Kuwait
Result Coalition victory
First sections of Kuwait liberated
The Islands of Qurah and Umm al Maradim returned to Kuwaiti control

</tr><tr> <th colspan="2" style="background-color: #B0C4DE; text-align: center; vertical-align: middle;">Belligerents</th> </tr><tr> <td style="width:50%; border-right:1px dotted #aaa;">Flag of Iraq (1963–1991); Flag of Syria (1963–1972).svg Iraq </td><td style="width:50%; padding-left:0.25em">United States United States
Flag of Kuwait.svg Kuwait </td> </tr><tr> <th colspan="2" style="background-color: #B0C4DE; text-align: center; vertical-align: middle;">Commanders and leaders</th> </tr><tr> <td style="width:50%; border-right:1px dotted #aaa;">Iraq Saddam Hussein </td><td style="width:50%; padding-left:0.25em">United States Norman Schwarzkopf
Kuwait Jaber III </td> </tr><tr> <th colspan="2" style="background-color: #B0C4DE; text-align: center; vertical-align: middle;">Strength</th> </tr><tr> <td style="width:50%; border-right:1px dotted #aaa;">Several Minelayers and Minesweepers
One Patrol Boat
Around 100 ground troops </td><td style="width:50%; padding-left:0.25em">USS Curts
USS Leftwich </td> </tr><tr> <th colspan="2" style="background-color: #B0C4DE; text-align: center; vertical-align: middle;">Casualties and losses</th> </tr><tr> <td style="width:50%; border-right:1px dotted #aaa;">3+ KIA
51 POWs
One minelayer sunk
One patrol boat sunk
Two minesweepers sunk </td><td style="width:50%; padding-left:0.25em">Minor damage to Naval helicopters </td> </tr></table>

The Battle for Qurah and Umm al Maradim, were several naval and land battles for control over the islands off the coast of Kuwait in the Persian Gulf, mainly the islands of Qurah and Umm al Maradim.


Qurah was the first island to be retaken by Coalition Forces. On 24 January, two A-6's destroyed an enemy minelayer, a minesweeper, and a patrol boat near Qurah Island. A second minesweeper was sunk when it ran into one of their own mines, trying to evade the A-6s. Helicopters from USS Curts flew over the wreckage to pick up Iraqi survivors and take them back as POWs. As they picked up the survivors, Iraqi troops on Qurah fired at the helicopters forcing them to fall back, managing to get twenty-two survivors out of the water. USS Curts maneuvered itself in a position so that it could fire on the island's defenses. This started a six-hour battle to retake the first parcel of Kuwaiti Territory. USS Leftwich landed United States Navy SEALs on the island via helicopter, and by the time the gunfire had ceased, three Iraqi soldiers lay dead with fifty-one surrendering. There were no Coalition losses.[1]

Umm al MaradimEdit

On 29 January, in the northern Persian Gulf, the five ships of Amphibious Ready Group (ARG) ALFA — USS Okinawa, USS Ogden, USS Fort McHenry, USS Cayuga and USS Durham steamed near the Kuwaiti island Umm al Maradim. United States Marines assaulted the 300-meter by 400-meter island 12 miles off the Kuwaiti coast using embarked Marine helicopter. After several hours of intense combat, the marines succeeded in liberating the second Kuwaiti island. After destroying Iraqi anti-aircraft weapons and artillery stored on the island, which had been used as an early warning post by the enemy, the Marines raised the Kuwaiti flag over the second parcel of reclaimed territory.[2]


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