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The Battle of Slupcza took place on February 8, 1863, near the village of Slupcza, Congress Poland, during the January Uprising. Up to 100 Polish rebels commanded by Leon Frankowski and Antoni Zdanowicz clashed on that day with a unit of the Imperial Russian Army. The skirmish was won by the Russians.

In late January 1863, a rebel unit, which was concentrated in Kurow, was forced to leave the town under Russian pressure. Polish unit marched to Sandomierz, but decided not to enter this town, and clashed with Russians near Slupcza. The Russians attacked with two infantry companies and a Cossack unit, defeating main rebel force. Remnants of Polish insurgents fled to Dwikozy, where they were attacked again. Altogether, Poles lost 66 men - 28 died in Slupcza, and 38 perished in Dwikozy. Polish commandant Leon Frankowski, who was wounded, tried to hide in Sandomierz, but was quickly captured and sent to a prison in Lublin.


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