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Battle of Saint-Denis
Part of the Lower Canada Rebellion
Battle of Saint-Denis.jpg
"Les Fils de la Liberté" hurl back British regulars at the Battle of Saint-Denis. Contemporary watercolour.
DateNovember 23, 1837
LocationSaint-Denis, Quebec
Result Patriote victory
United Kingdom Lower Canada Patriotes
Commanders and leaders
Charles Stephen Gore Wolfred Nelson
300 regulars
1 gun
200 militia
600 unarmed civilians
Casualties and losses
6–54 dead
10 wounded
6 missing
12 dead
7 wounded

The Battle of Saint-Denis was fought on November 23, 1837 between British colonial authorities under Lieutenant-Colonel Gore and Lower Canada rebels. The Patriots were victoriously led by Wolfred Nelson. The British had to retreat because they were running out of ammunition.

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