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Battle of Shawali Kowt
Part of the War in Afghanistan (2001-present) and Afghan Civil War
DateDecember 3, 2001
LocationShawali Kowt, Arghandab River, Afghanistan
Result Coalition victory
United StatesUnited States
Afghanistan Eastern Alliance
Afghanistan Taliban
Commanders and leaders
Jason Amerine N/A
300 30-50[1]

The Battle of Shawali Kowt took place near the Arghandab River in Afghanistan during the Invasion of Afghanistan. On December 2, 2001, after a pitched street-by-street battle, the Green Berets and Afghan Freedom Fighters captured the town of Shawali Kowt,[2] but could not gain control over a bridge over the Arghandab River, a gateway to the Taliban spiritual center of Kandahar. That night, the Taliban forces launched a major counterattack, triggering a retreat by the Afghans. Over the next eight hours, the American forces fought defended against the retreat. Air Force Sgt. Alex Yoshimoto, the combat controller, orchestrated numerous air strikes from a variety of fighters and bombers, thwarting the Taliban charge and forcing the enemy to retreat.

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