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Battle of Svindax
Part of the Byzantine-Georgian wars
Date 1022
Location Svindax, Phasiane (now northeast Turkey)
Result Decisive Byzantine victory
Byzantine Empire Kingdom of Georgia
Commanders and leaders
Basil II George I

The Battle of Svindax was fought during the spring of 1022 between the Byzantine army of Emperor Basil II and the Georgian army of King George I. The battle was fought at Svindax (a medieval Georgian chronicler knew it as სჳნდაქს-ი, Suindax’i) in the Phasiane province (Basiani, Basian, or Basean). Ultimately, the Byzantines won a decisive victory. In the aftermath of the conflict, George of Georgia was forced to negotiate a peace treaty ending the Byzantine-Georgian wars over the succession of the Georgian courapalates in Asia Minor.

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