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Battle of Svistov
Part of Russo-Turkish War (1877–1878)
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Date26 June 1877
LocationZiştovi District, Rusçuk Sanjak, Tuna Province, Ottoman Empire
(today near Svishtov, Bulgaria)

43°36′53″N 25°23′59″E / 43.61472°N 25.39972°E / 43.61472; 25.39972Coordinates: 43°36′53″N 25°23′59″E / 43.61472°N 25.39972°E / 43.61472; 25.39972
Result Russian victory. The Russians were made ready to attack Nikopol.
 Russian Empire  Ottoman Empire
Commanders and leaders
Mikhail Dragomirov
Mikhail Skobelev
Casualties and losses
800 - 1,100 total 641 total

The Battle of Svistov was a battle of the Russo-Turkish War of 1877–1878. It was fought between the Ottoman Empire and Imperial Russia on 26 June 1877. It occurred when Russian general Mikhail Ivanovich Dragomirov crossed the Danube River in a fleet of small boats and attacked the Turkish fortress. The next day, Mikhail Skobelev attacked, forcing the Turkish garrison to surrender. In result, the Russian military became ready to attack Nikopol.


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