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Battle of Szikszó
Part of Ottoman-Hungarian War
Date October 8, 1588
Location near the town Szikszó, Kingdom of Hungary
Result Hungarian victory
Kingdom of Hungary Ottoman Empire
Commanders and leaders
Sigismund Rákóczi, Homonnai Drugeth István Kara Ali bey , Mustafa bey
2,500 12,000[citation needed]
plus cannons
Casualties and losses
200-300 1,700

The Battle of Szikszó was fought in October 1588 between the Kingdom of Hungary and the Ottoman Empire as part of the Long War. The Hungarian forces were fewer in number, but were victorious over the Ottomans. This unexpected victory was even mentioned by Emperor Rudolf decades after the battle. It was one of the most glorious Hungarian victories in the post-Mohács period.

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