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Tabkin Kwatto (Battle of)
Part of Fulani War
Date 21 June 1804
Location Lake Kwatto, Gobir
Result Decisive Fulani victory
Sultanate of Gobir: Sokoto Caliphate
Commanders and leaders
Yunfa, Sultan of Gobir Abdullahi Ibn Fodio
1000 archers,
25 Cavalry.
8 Thousand Infantry,
2000 Cavalry.
Casualties and losses
3000 Infantry,
1500 Cavalry

Tabkin Kwatto (Hausa for Battle of Kwatto) was the first decisive battle in the Fulani War. Abdullahi Ibn Fodio and Umaru al Kammu engaged the much superior Gobir cavalry at Kwatto Lake near the Capital fort of Gobir; Alkalawa. The Fulani archers employed a square formation which they successfully defended against successive charges by the Gobir cavalry. After taking severe losses, the death of the commander of Gobir's Armoured Cavalry eventually sealed the fate of the Gobirawa. Tabkin Kwatto is remembered as the turning point in the history of the Fulani War. The archer-foot lightly armed Fulani proved themselves effective against the well armed Hausa cavalry.


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