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Battle of Tempsford
Part of the Viking invasions of England
LocationTempsford, England
Result Anglo-Saxon victory
Anglo-Saxons Vikings
Commanders and leaders
Edward the Elder unknown
unknown unknown
Casualties and losses
unknown unknown

In 917, the group of Danes who had hitherto been based in Huntingdon relocated to Tempsford, together with other Danes from East Anglia. They built and fortified a new burh there, to serve as a forward base for attacks on English territory. Later that year, after launching an unsuccessful attack on Bedford, they were attacked by an English army led by King Edward the Elder, as part of his widespread offensive which in that year overwhlemed the Danish territories in East Anglia and south-eastern Mercia. The burh was stormed and a Danish king, probably that of East Anglia, was killed, along with the Jarls Toglos and Manna and many of their followers, while the rest were captured.[1]


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Coordinates: 52°10′14″N 0°17′46″W / 52.1706°N 0.2962°W / 52.1706; -0.2962

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