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Battle of the Gulf of Oman
Part of Ottoman–Portuguese conflicts (1538–1557)
Cannon of Suleyman founded by Mohammed ibn Hamza in 1530 1531 for a Turkish invasion of India taken in the capture of Aden in 1839 by Cap H Smith of HMS Volage with inscriptions.jpg

Ottoman artillery pieces
Date10 to 25 August 1554
LocationGulf of Oman
Result Portuguese victory
Flag of Portugal (1521).svg Portuguese Empire Fictitious Ottoman flag 4.svg Ottoman Empire
Commanders and leaders
Fernando de Meneses
Antão de Noronha
Piri Reis
6 galleons
6 caravels
25 fustas
1200 men
25 galleys
1000 men[1]
Casualties and losses
Few 6 galleys captured
2 sunk
7 galleys destroyed under Portuguese orders

The Battle of the Gulf of Oman was a naval battle between a large Portuguese armada under Antão de Noronha and the Ottoman Indian fleet under Piri Reis. The campaign was a miserable failure for the Ottomans and nearly all but 2 of their vessels were lost.


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Coordinates: 25°00′00″N 58°00′00″E / 25°N 58°E / 25; 58

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