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Bendery Uprising of 1919
Part of the Russian Civil War
Date27 May 1919
LocationTighina, Romania (present day Bender, Moldova)
Result Romanian victory

Kingdom of Romania
Supported by:
Poland[citation needed]

Ukraine[citation needed]

Bessarabian SSR
Supported by:

 Russian SFSR
 Ukrainian SSR
Commanders and leaders

Ferdinand I
Traian Moșoiu
Henri Berthelot

Józef Piłsudski[citation needed]

The Bendery Uprising of 1919 was an armed uprising by Bolsheviks and their working-class allies in the city of Bendery. It targeted the recent union of Bessarabia with the Kingdom of Romania and sought the establishment of Soviet power in the region.[1] It began at dawn on May 27. The insurgents, together with a small Red Army unit that had been sent from across the Dniester River, captured the treasury building, the railroad station, and other points in the city. Part of the occupying forces stationed in the city, consisting of French and Romanian soldiers, supported the insurgents.[2] By evening the same day, the command staff of the interventionist forces succeeded in suppressing the uprising.

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