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Bergslagen Artillery Regiment
Bergslagens artilleriregemente
(A 9)
Bergslagens artilleriregemente vapen.svg
Coat of arms
Active 1943–2000
Country  Sweden
Branch Swedish Army
Type Artillery regiment
Motto(s) Ultima ratio regum
(The last resort of kings)

The Bergslagen Artillery Regiment (Swedish language: Bergslagens artilleriregemente

designated A 9) was an artillery regiment of the Swedish Army, which was active from 1943 to 2000. The regiment was created as part of a build-up of the Swedish Army during World War II, so that Sweden's neutrality could be protected In 2000, the regiment and the other artillery regiments of the Swedish Army were amalgamated into the Artillery Regiment, in Kristinehamn, which took the A 9 designation from the Bergslagen Artillery Regiment.

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