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This is a bibliography of works on the military history of Canada.

Overviews[edit | edit source]

Official accounts - National Defence and the Canadian Forces

To 1914[edit | edit source]

1914 to 1945[edit | edit source]

First World War[edit | edit source]

Official accounts - National Defence and the Canadian Forces

Spanish Civil War[edit | edit source]

Second World War[edit | edit source]

Official accounts - National Defence and the Canadian Forces

1945 to present[edit | edit source]

Cold war[edit | edit source]

Korean War[edit | edit source]

Official accounts - National Defence and the Canadian Forces

Congo[edit | edit source]

Yugoslav[edit | edit source]

Croatia[edit | edit source]

Somalia[edit | edit source]

Afghanistan[edit | edit source]

Nuclear weapons[edit | edit source]

Leaders[edit | edit source]

Special forces[edit | edit source]

Aviation[edit | edit source]

Naval[edit | edit source]

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