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Bill Raisch as the One-Armed Man in The Fugitive

Carl William Raisch (April 5, 1905 – July 31, 1984), was an American dancer and actor, known as the One-Armed Man pursued by Richard Kimble (David Janssen) on the 1963–1967 TV series The Fugitive.[1]

Early life[]

Bill Raisch was from North Bergen, New Jersey.[1]


A dancer who worked for Ziegfeld Follies in the 1930s,[citation needed] he lost his right arm while serving in World War II.[1] He played bit parts in several movies including a 1953 appearance in the ending of The War Of The Worlds where he is in a crowd scene after the first martian machine crashes. His most memorable film role was in a famous fight scene with Kirk Douglas in Lonely are the Brave (1962). Raisch's best remembered role, however, was in the 1963–1967 TV series The Fugitive, in which he played "The One-Armed Man" (who frequently went by the alias Fred Johnson) who was the real killer of the wife of Dr. Richard Kimble, played by David Janssen.[1]

Raisch worked for many years as an acting teacher, and also had a long professional relationship with Burt Lancaster, working as Lancaster's stand-in in several movies.

After The Fugitive ended, Raisch was scarcely seen on TV or the media again as he focused on his career as an acting teacher. He died of lung cancer in 1984 in Santa Monica, California, at age 79.[citation needed]


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