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Bliss-Leavitt Mark 9 torpedo
Type Anti-surface ship torpedo[1]
Place of origin United States
Service history
In service 1915–1945[1]
Used by  United States Navy
Wars World War II
Production history
Designer Frank McDowell Leavitt
Designed 1915[1]
Manufacturer E. W. Bliss Company
Variants Mod 1[2]
Mod 1B
Weight 2015 pounds[1]
Length 197 inches[1]
Diameter 21 inches[1]

Effective range 7000 yards[1]
Warhead Mk 9, TNT[1]
Warhead weight 210 pounds[1]
Mk 3 Mod 2 contact exploder[1]

Engine Turbine[1]
Speed 27 knots
Battleships, modified for submarines[1]

The Bliss-Leavitt Mark 9 torpedo was a Bliss-Leavitt torpedo developed and produced by the E. W. Bliss Company and the Naval Torpedo Station in Newport, Rhode Island in 1915. The Mark 9 was originally intended to be used on battleships. Before the Mark 9 could be issued, however, use of torpedoes on battleships was discontinued and Mark 9 torpedoes were placed in storage. These torpedoes were modified for deployment on R-class and S-class submarines, and used in early World War II to supplement the initial supply of Mark 14 torpedoes. Torpedo production for the U.S. Navy was terminated by the E.W. Bliss Company about 1920 after completion of the Mark 9 project.[1]

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