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28 cm kanon M/12
HMS Gustav V.jpg
Aft 283 mm dual turret on Coastal defence ship Gustav V
Type Naval artillery
Place of origin Sweden
Service history
In service 1916-1957
Production history
Designer Bofors
Designed 1912
Manufacturer Bofors
Number built 12
Barrel length 12,735 mm (501.4 in)

Shell 305 kg (672 lb)
Caliber 283 mm (11.1 in)/45 caliber
Elevation -10°/+20° (5°/s)
Traverse 150° from either side of centreline (4°/s)
Rate of fire 4/min
Muzzle velocity 860 m/s (2,800 ft/s)
Maximum range As built:20,400 m (22,300 yd)
From 1939: 24,000 m (26,000 yd)

The Bofors 283 mm gun was a naval artillery used in the Swedish Sverige class coastal defence ships.

Distance (m) 6,000 18,000
Side armor belt penetration (mm) 350 155
Deck armor penetration (mm) - 87

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