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Bombardment of Tangiers
Part of the First Franco-Moroccan War
Bombardment of Tangiers 1844.jpg
Bombardment of Tangiers, engraving by N.E. Sotain.
DateAugust 6, 1844
LocationTangier, Morocco
Result French victory
Flag of France.svg France Flag of Morocco.svg Morocco
Commanders and leaders
Prince de Joinville
15 warships
Casualties and losses
No ships lost

The Bombardment of Tangiers took place on 6 August 1844, when French Navy forces under the Prince de Joinville attacked the Moroccan city of Tangier. The campaign was part of the First Franco-Moroccan War.

The bombardment was a consequence of Morocco's alliance with Algeria's Abd-El-Kader against France. Following several incident at the border between Algeria and Morocco, and the refusal of Morocco to abandon its support to Algeria.[1]

The Bombardment of Tangier was followed up by the Battle of Isly on 14 August 1844, and the Bombardment of Mogador by the same fleet on 15 August 1844.

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