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Brazilian Militar Cemetery of Pistoia
Second World War
Pistoia sacrario dell esercito brasiliano 4
View of cemetery memorial monument
Used for those deceased 1941 - 1945
Established 4 August 1945
Location 43°56′42″N 10°56′36″E / 43.945°N 10.9434°E / 43.945; 10.9434
near Pistoia, Italy
Designed by Olavo Redig de Campos
Total burials 463
Burials by nation
Brazil 463</td></tr>
Burials by war
World War II: 463</td></tr>

Statistics source: Omaggio al Milite Ignoto del Brasile</td></tr></table> Coordinates: 43°56′42″N 10°56′36″E / 43.945°N 10.9434°E / 43.945; 10.9434 The Brazilian Military Cemetery of Pistoia is located in Pistoia, Toscana, Italy. It contained the remains of 463 Brazilian soldiers from World War II, most of whom lost their lives in the Fornovo in 1945.


In 1944 Brazil participated in the Second World War with 25,000 soldiers of the Brazilian Expeditionary Force against the Axis in the Serchio Valley, in Versilia and in Garfagnana, on the Appennini.

In their final advance, the Brazilians reached Turin and on 2 May they joined up with French troops at the border in Susa.[1]

Burial areaEdit

Until 1960 the soldiers remained in Pistoia. In 1960, the cemetery was closed and their remains were officially interred with other Brazilian soldiers in the National Monument in Flamengo, Rio de Janeiro.

After the transfer, the body of another soldier was found in the cemetery. The Brazilian Gouvernment decided to leave it there as an Unknown Soldier.[2]

In 1967 the cemetery reopened with the inauguration of a memorial monument made by Olavo Redig de Campos, of Oscar Niemeyer's architectural school. The cemetery was later visited by two Brazilian presidents.


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