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The Bren Carrier was adopted in 1938 to carry heavy weapons of the infantry units (mortars, etc.) and not only the Bren, as the name suggests. It was not intended for combat, but was employed in this role on several occasions.


The Bren Carrier is an armored troop transport, Adaptable to all missions with a few modifications, used by British Empire forces during World War II.

In 1939 see the light of the final model, the model derived from VS250 1934 the company built by Vickers-Armstrong weapons

Bren Carrier

based on the work of Sir Gifford Martel commander.

The name of Bren Carrier ("Bren Carrier") is from the Czechoslovakian light machine gun design Bren (The letters of the city of Brno Enfield and signature, which was manufactured in series) in the first model was its main armament.

Able to carry up to six men, was produced in three models that differ only in the engine.

  1. Type 1 manufactured England had a Ford 8-cylinder V-65 HP.
  2. Type 2 had a Ford GAEA 8 cylinder V-85 HP.
  3. Type 3 manufactured in Canada, with the same engine as the previous.

A small size and extraordinary regularity of motion, made him an excellent vehicle for transporting troops and recognition.

Its armament was much enhanced, the Bren was replaced by a bow anti-tank rifle.

Various modified versions were made, such as GMM (Medium Machine Gun) With a machine gun Besa as a main weapon, OP (Observation Post) As a center for observation and fire control for artillery, Mortier Carriers, equipped with a 81 mm mortar and the Flame-Thrower equipped Carriers flamethrower.

The Bren Carrier was often used by the Axis forces,who modified them to carry a 37-mm anti-tank gun and called them Panzerjaeger Bren. they were captured in large numbers in campaigns France and Africa and used as artillery tractors and even as hunting-cars.


  • Model: No. 2 Universal Carrier Mk I
  • Weight: 3810 kg
  • Length: 3.65 m
  • Width: 2.05 m
  • Height: 1.45 m
  • Face shield: N / a
  • Side armor: N / a
  • Maximum speed: 48 km / h
  • Armament: A Bren gun 7.7 mm
  • Crew: Two
  • Passengers: Four

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