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This is a current list of Regiments of the British Army. The list is currently being updated the Army 2020 Refine standards.. Units in Italics are Reserve. Units in Bold are new after the Army 2020 Changes.

Royal Armoured CorpsEdit

Royal Armoured CorpsEdit

Royal Artillery Edit

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Royal Horse Artillery Edit

Royal Regiment of Artillery Edit

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Corps of Royal Engineers Edit

The corps of royal engineers are the army's engineers and engineer specialists. They support the British Army, Royal Air Force, and Royal Marines. The corps itself with the exception of 24 Commando Regiment and 23 Parachute Engineer Regiment are all part of the 8th Engineer Brigade.

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Regular Forces Edit

  • 1st (Royal School of Military Engineering) Engineer Regiment
  • 3rd (Royal School of Military Engineering) Engineer Regiment

Reserve Forces Edit

Royal Corps of Signals Edit

The Royal Corps of Signals are the army's main communications engineers. They support not only the British Army but the Royal Air Force and United Kingdom Special Forces and the Ministry of Defense.

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Infantry Edit

Officially known as the "Infantry Branch" or just the "Infantry". The infantry of the British Army are the best known land infantry force in the world. They are broken into four four administrative divisions. If the regiment only has one battalion it won't be sub-divided into regiment structure.

Guards Division Edit

The Guards Division control all 5 of the guards regiments and the reserve London regional regiment.

Scottish, Welsh and Irish Division Edit

The Scottish, Welsh and Irish Division control three regiments which recruit from Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

King's Division Edit

The King's Division controls the units formally affiliated with "the king's regiments". They include the regiments that recruit from North-East England, Yorkshire, and West Midlands.

Queen's Division Edit

The queen's division controls the regiment that traditionally are affiliated with the "queen's regiments". That includes regiment that recruit from London, South East England, and East Anglia.

Seperate Regiments Edit

There are a number are regiments not attached to divisions, being the 'large" regiments. They include the Rifle regiments, colonial regiments, and specialist regiments.

Special Air Service Edit

The Special Air Service is the army's special forces consisted of one regular, and two reserve regiments.

Special Reconnaissance Regiment Edit

The Special Reconnaissance Regiment are a brand new special forces reconnaissance regiment. They are attached to Director Special Forces.

Army Air Corps Edit

Aviation Reconnaissance Force Edit

Attack Helicopter Force Edit

Royal Logistic Corps Edit

The Royal Logistic Corps are by far the "most important support corps" of the britsh army. The corps not only has two brigades, but also had regiments and seperate squadrons. In addition to the regiments and squadrons the corps has a small "quartermasters-main" detachment in each battalion.

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Royal Army Medical Corps Edit

The Royal Army Medical Corps or RAMC are just like the Royal Logistic Corps. They have not only a brigade and regiments but seperate groups in each battalion.

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Corps of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers Edit

The Corps of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers or REME are another one of the support groups. They have battalions not regiments like the other groups. They also have one or two small detachments in each battalion with a "Quartermasters-Mechanical" and a REME Light Aid Detachment.

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Adjutant General's Corps Edit

The Adjutant General's Corps or AGC are the corps that "make things run" they cover anything from Military Police to Military Justice to paying and administration. The only branches shown below are those who actually control units.

Provost Branch (RMP and MPS) Edit

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Royal Army Veterinary Corps Edit

The Royal Army Veterinary Corps or RAVC is a support corps only consisting of one regiment. The corps today have no major part in operations besides helping 1MWD Regiment.

Intelligence Corps Edit

The Intelligence Corps are considered one of the most important corps when it comes to support corps.

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Corps of Army Music Edit

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