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This is the list for the British Army's Order of Battle following the major Army 2020 refine. The army 2020 refine came about in 2015 as the sucessor to the former Army 2020 Reform of 2010. This refine made many changes to the operation and support structure. This includes the formation of four new brigades and one new division. All units here are subject to move changes as movements are still happening.

Notes Edit

If units are shown and don't have a barracks/location after them, that means they are at the same location of the unit/brigade HQ.

1 August 2019; the Field Army (Commander Field Army) was reorganised with two brigades being moved to regional command, multiple infantry units rotating to other brigades, and new commands moving under the control of the 3rd UK Division.

The Army Reserve's Website has been updated on 1 October 2019, so the reserves on the page are currently being updated.

Bold Units, New under Army 2020 or Army 2020 Refine

Reserve Units, Army 2020 and Army 2020 Refine

Units with a "basic organisation" - A,B,C, Support Company will not have sub-structures shown. With units with a basic structure, but custom company structures or company titles will be shown. To learn more about units sub-structures, see each battalion's/regiment's page. Also for each full structure see; British Army 2020 Unit Structures.

Abbreviations Edit

  • (V) - Signifying an Army Reserve Units, called "Volunteers"
  • RCS - Royal Corps of Signals
  • RA - Royal Artillery / RHA - Royal Horse Artillery
  • RE - Corps of Royal Engineers
    • STRE - Specialist Team Royal Engineers
  • RLC - Royal Logistic Corps
  • REME - Corps of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers

Overall Edit

All units listed are those part of the operational control NOT adminastrative.

Commander Field Army Edit

On 23 November 2015, it was announced that the post of Commander Land Forces would be renamed as Commander Field Army (CFA) as part of the Army Command Review. CFA has a major-general as Chief of Staff, and four brigadiers working under him: Assistant Chief of Staff Commitments, Assistant Chief of Staff Support, Assistant Chief of Staff Warfare and Assistant Chief of Staff Training.

16th Air Assault Infantry Brigade Edit

16th Air Assault Brigade (16 Air Asslt Bde) is a formation of the British Army based in Colchester in the county of Essex. It is the Army's rapid response airborne formation and is the only brigade in the British Army capable of delivering Air Manoeuvre, Air Assault and Airborne operations.

  • Brigade Headquarters and 216 Air Assault Signal Squadron Royal Corps of Signals at Merville Barracks
  • 226 Signal Squadron (Electronic Warfare) Royal Corps of Signals at Cawdor Barracks [Supporting 16 Air Assault Brigade through EW from 14 Signal Regiment]
  • Pathfinder Platoon (Light Motorised Reconnaissance)
  • 2nd Battalion The Parachute Regiment, Merville Barracks
    • Headquarters Company
    • A Company [ISTAR]
    • C (Bruneval) Company
    • X Company [Support]
  • 3rd Battalion The Parachute Regiment, Merville Barracks
    • Headquarters Company
    • D Company [ISTAR]
  • 4th Battalion The Parachute Regiment (Volunteers), RHQ at Thornbury Barracks
    • A Company in Glasgow and Edinburgh
    • B Company in White City, Romford, and The Barracks Mitcham Road
    • C Company in Thornbury Barracks, Hebburn, and Altcar Training Camp
    • D Company in Nottingham and Edward Street
  • 1st Battalion The Royal Gurkha Rifles (Air Assault), Sir John Moore Barracks [Under 11 Inf Brigade for ADMIN]
    • Headquarters Company
    • A (Delhi) Company
    • B (Sair Bair) Company
    • C (Mogaung) Company
    • Support (Medicina) Company
  • 7th Parachute Regiment Royal Horse Artillery (Light Artillery), Merville Barracks
    • I (Bull's Troop) Battery [HQs]
    • F (Spinx) Battery
    • G (Mercer's Troop) Battery
    • REME Light Aid Detachment
  • 53 (Louisburg) Air Assault Battery Royal Artillery (STA Support), Marne Barracks
  • 12 (Minden) Battery Royal Artillery (Light Air Defence), Barker Barracks
  • 21 (Gibraltar 1779-83) Air Assault Battery Royal Artillery (Larkhill) (UAS Support), Roberts Barracks
  • 23rd Parachute Engineer Regiment Corps of Royal Engineers, Rock Barracks
    • 12 Parachute Headquarters and Support Squadron
    • 9 Parachute Squadron
    • 51 Parachute Squadron
    • 299 Parachute Squadron (V) in Wakefield [Under 21 Engineers for ADMIN]
      • 1 Troop in Hull
      • 3 Troop in Gateshead
    • REME Light Aid Detachment
  • 13th Air Assault Support Regiment Royal Logistic Corps, Merville Barracks
    • 24 Headquarters Squadron
    • 47 Air Despatch Squadron
    • 63 Air Assault Support Squadron
    • 65 Logistics Support Squadron
    • 82 Air Assault Task Force Squadron
  • 16th Medical Regiment Royal Army Medical Corps, Merville Barracks
    • 19 Medical Squadron
    • 23 Air Manoeuvre Squadron
    • 127 Medical Squadron
    • 144 Parachute Medical Squadron (V) in London
      • Cardiff Detachment
      • Glasgow Detachment
      • Nottingham Detachment
    • 81 Air Assault Medical Squadron
  • 156 Air Assault Provost Company Corps of Royal Military Police, Merville Barracks [3 MP Regiment for ADMIN]

3rd (United Kingdom) Division Edit

Part of the Reaction Force.

  • Divisional Headquarters at Bulford Camp
  • 3rd (United Kingdom) Divisional Signal Regiment Royal Corps of Signals, Picton Barracks
    • 202 Signal Squadron [High Readiness]
    • 206 Signal Squadron [3 UK Div HQ Support]
    • 228 Signal Squadron
    • 249 Signal Squadron
    • Support Squadron
  • 71st (City of London Yeomanry) Signal Regiment Royal Corps of Signals (V), RHQ in Bexleyheath
    • 31 (Middlesex Yeomanry and Princess Louises's Kensington Regiment) Signal Squadron in Coulsdon
    • 36 (Essex Dragoons (Yeomanry)) Signal Squadron in Springfield Lyons
    • 68 (Inns of Court and City Yeomanry) Signal Squadron in London
    • 265 (Kent and County of London Yeomanry) Support Squadron in Bexleyheath
  • Royal Wessex Yeomanry (Volunteers), RHQ at Allenby Barracks
    • A (The Queen's Own Dorset Hussars (Yeomanry)) Squadron at Allenby Barracks
    • B (The Prince of Wales's Own Wiltshire Hussars (Yeomanry)) Squadron in Salisbury
    • C (Royal Gloucestershire Hussars (Yeomanry)) Squadron in Cirencester
    • D (Royal Devon Hussars (Yeomanry)) Squadron in Barnstaple
    • Y (The Prince of Wales's Own Wiltshire Hussars (Yeomanry)) Squadron in Swindon

1st Strike Brigade Edit

2nd Strike Brigade Edit

12th Armoured Infantry Brigade Edit

  • Brigade Headquarters at Bulford Barracks
  • The Royal Tank Regiment (Heavy Armoured) at Aliwal Barracks
    • Eqypt Squadron (HQ and Support)
    • Dreadnaught Squadron (ISTAR)
    • Ajax Squadron
    • Badger Squadron
    • Cyclops Squadron
  • 1st Battalion The Royal Welsh (Armoured Infantry) at Lucknow Barracks
    • A (Anzio) Company
    • B (Rorke's Drift) Company
    • D (Peninsula) Company (Support)
  • 1st Battalion The Mercian Regiment (Armoured Infantry) at Mooltan Barracks
    • A (Grenadier) Company
    • B (Malta) Company
    • C (Meanee) Company
    • D (Dragon) Company (Support)
  • 3rd Battalion The Royal Welsh (V) (Armoured Infantry) [Paired with 1 R WELSH]
    • Regimental Headquarters and Headquarters Company at Maindy Barracks
    • B Company in Swansea
      • Aberystwyth Detachment
    • C Company in Pontypridd
      • Detachmnet in Merthyr Tydfil
    • D Company in Colwyn Bay
      • Caernarfon Detachment
  • 4th Battalion The Mercian Regiment (V) (Armoured Infantry) [Paired with 1 MERCIAN]
    • Regimental Headquarters and Headquarters Company in Wolverhampton
      • Javelin Platoon (Antitank) in Kidderminster
    • B Company in Widnes
      • Mortar Platoon in Stockport
      • Platoon in Ellesmere Port
    • C Company in Nottingham
      • Assault Pioneer Platoon in Mansfield
    • D Company in Stoke-on-Trent
      • Machine-gun Platoon in Burton-on-Trent

20th Armoured Infantry Brigade Edit

1st Artillery Brigade Edit

7th Air Defence Group Edit

Headquarters Royal Engineers, 3rd (United Kingdom) DivisionEdit

101st Logistic Brigade Edit

1st (United Kingdom) Division Edit

4th Infantry Brigade and Headquarters North East Edit

7th Infantry Brigade and Headquarters East Edit

  • Brigade Headquarters at Kendrew Barracks
  • The Queen's Dragoon Guards (Light Reconnaissance), Robertson Barracks
  • The Royal Yeomanry (V) (Light Reconnaissance) [Paired with RY]
    • Inns of Court and City Yeomanry (Band of the Royal Yeomanry), Finsbury
    • Command and Support (Westminster Dragoons) Squadron, London
    • A (Sherwood Rangers) Squadron, Nottingham
    • B (Warwickshire and Worcestershire Yeomanry) Squadron, Dudley
    • C (Kent and Sharpshooters Yeomanry) Squadron, The Barracks, Croydon
    • D (Shropshire Dragoons (Yeomanry)) Squadron, Telford
    • E (Leicestershire and Derbyshire Yeomanry) Squadron, Leicester
  • 2nd Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment (Light Infantry), Kendrew Barracks
  • 1st Battalion The Rifles [Light Mechanised], MOD St Athan
  • 4th Battalion The Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment (V) (Light Infantry)
    • Headquarters Company, Redhill
    • A (Queen's Royal Surreys) Company, Farnham [From 3 PWRR]
    • B (Queen's) Company, Edgeware [From London Regiment]
    • C (Cosham) Company, Portsmouth
      • 9 Platoon in Southampton
    • D Company, Crawley
  • 3rd Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment (V) (Light Infantry) [Paired with 2 R ANGLIAN]
    • No.1 (Royal Norfolk) Company, Norwich [Headquarters Company]
      • Lowestoft Platoon
    • No.2 (Leicestershire and Northamptonshire) Company, Leicester
      • Corby Platoon
    • No.3 (Essex) Company, Springfield Lyons
      • Hertford Platoon
    • No.4 (Royal Lincolnshire) Company, Grimsby
    • No.5 (Suffolk) Company, Blenheim Camp
      • Bury St Edmunds Platoon
      • Peterborough Platoon
  • 6th Battalion The Rifles (V) (Light Infantry) [Paired with 1 RIFLES]
    • Headquarters Company, Exeter
      • Barnstaple Platoon
    • A Company, HMS Flying Fox
      • Gloucester Platoon
      • Hereford Platoon
    • C Company, Poole
      • Dorchester Platoon
    • D Company, Plymouth
      • Poole Platoon

11th Infantry Brigade and Headquarters South East Edit

51st Infantry Brigade and Headquarters Scotland Edit

8th Engineer Brigade Edit

12 Force Support Engineer Group Edit
29 Explosive Ordnance Disposal and Search GroupEdit
170 Infrastructure Support Engineer GroupEdit
  • Group Headquarters, Chetwynd Barracks
  • 20 Works Group (Air Support), RAF Wittering
  • 62 Works Group RE (Water)
    • 519 STRE (Works)
    • 523 STRE (Works)
    • 521 STRE (Water Development)
    • 506 STRE (Water Infastructure) (V)
  • 63 Works Group RE (Power)
    • 518 STRE (Works)
    • 523 STRE (Works)
    • 528 STRE (Power)
    • 504 STRE (Power Infrastructure) (V)
  • 64 Works Group RE (Fuel)
    • 516 STRE (Bulk Petroleum)
    • 524 STRE (Works)
    • 527 STRE (Works)
    • 503 STRE (Fuels Infrastructure) (V)
  • 66 Works Group RE (Air Support)
    • 517 STRE (Works)
    • 522 STRE (Works)
    • 530 STRE (Materials)
    • 510 STRE (Air Infastructure) (V)
  • 65 Works Group RE (Infrastructure) (V)
    • 507 STRE (Railway Infastructure) (V)
    • 508 STRE (Works) (V)
    • 509 STRE (Works Infastructure) (V)
    • 525 STRE (Works) (V)
    • 526 STRE (Works) (V)

104th Logistic Support Brigade Edit

2nd Medical Brigade Edit

6th (United Kingdom) Division Edit

  • Command Headquarters in Upavon

1st (Untied Kingdom) Signal Brigade Edit

11th Signal Brigade and Headquarters West Midlands Edit

1st Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Brigade Edit

Specialised Infantry Group Edit

77th Brigade Edit

Home Command Edit

Headquarters Home Command is located at Montgomery House in Aldershot and provides the Army’s personnel and institutional support. It assumed responsibility for the delivery elements of the Adjutant General’s portfolio: recruiting; individual training (officers and soldiers); career management and postings. The Command therefore includes the Military Secretary’s Organisation and the Army Personnel Centre (established 1996 at Kentigern House, Glasgow, responsible for records, careers, pay, pensions, documentation etc), the Army Recruiting and Training Division and the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. Home Command also includes Regional Command to provide the Army’s institutional support, including: civil engagement, cadets, Firm Base and Garrisons, Recovery Capability, welfare, and veterans, including the Regular Reserve. In summary, it "provides personnel and institutional support to the Army."

Regional Command Edit

1st Military Police Brigade Edit

38th (Irish) Brigade Edit

160th (Welsh) Brigade Edit

Headquarters North West Edit

Headquarters South West Edit

London District Edit

The London District is the only remaining military district of the army. The district is no longer a military command but more of a ceremonial district. The district today only controls units based in london, windsor, and parts of aldershot.

Forces Overseas Edit

Although there is no "Forces Overseas" command, the term is often used for colonial and army units based overseas.

British Army Training Unit Suffield Edit

British Forces Cyprus Edit

British Forces Gibraltar Edit

British Forces Brunei Edit

Other Commands Edit

Joint Forces Command Edit

  • 42nd Geographic Engineer Regiment RE, RAF Wyton
    • 13 Geographic Squadron
    • 14 Geographic Squadron
    • 16 Geographic Squadron
    • 135 Geographic Squadron (V), Ewell Barracks

Joint Helicopter Command Edit

Joint Helicopter Command (JHC) is a tri-service organisation uniting battlefield military helicopters of the British Armed Forces for command and coordination purposes. Joint Helicopter Command reports to Commander Field Army at Andover.[1]

Notes Edit

  1. As Per Google Earth, not yet fully part of the brigade
  2. Unknown if it will gain the Air Support title
  3. Expanding to Squadron?
  4. No HQ squadron seems to have been formed yet?
  5. Re-named to "Sherwood Foresters" under refine

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