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Buġibba Battery
Batterija ta' Buġibba
Buġibba, St. Paul's Bay, Malta
Type Artillery battery
Coordinates Latitude:
Built 1715–1716
Built by Order of Saint John
Only rock-hewn ditch and foundations remain
Government of Malta

Buġibba Battery (Maltese language:Batterija ta' Buġibba) was an artillery battery in Buġibba, limits of St. Paul's Bay, Malta. It was built in 1715–1716 by the Order of Saint John as one of a series of coastal fortifications around the coasts of the Maltese Islands. The battery no longer exists, and only its rock-hewn ditch and some foundations can still be seen.


Buġibba Battery was built in 1715–1716 as part of the first building programme of coastal batteries in Malta. It was one of a series of fortifications defending St. Paul's Bay, with the nearest ones to it being Wignacourt Tower and Battery to the southwest and Qawra Tower and Battery to the northeast.

The battery's exact layout is not known, but it had a semi-circular gun platform with a parapet, and a blockhouse at the rear. It was surrounded by a ditch which was filled with seawater.[1]

Present dayEdit

Today, the battery no longer exists, but some of its rock-hewn foundations and ditch can still be seen.[2]


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