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Jan Rzepecki

The Bureau of Information and Propaganda of the Headquarters of Związek Walki Zbrojnej, later of Armia Krajowa (Polish language: Biuro Informacji i Propagandy (Komendy Głównej Związku Walki Zbrojnej - Armii Krajowej ) - in short: BIP) a conspiracy department created in spring 1940 during the German occupation of Poland, inside the Związek Walki Zbrojnej, then of the Supreme Command of Armia Krajowa (as 6th Department).

Initially, its commander was major Tadeusz Kruk-Strzelecki, then colonel Jan Rzepecki pseudonym "Wolski" or "Prezes". Until the end of 1940 his deputy was Hipolit Niepokólczycki, while since 1944 until January 1945 captain Kazimierz Moczarski.

Tasks of BIP included informing of Polish community of activities of the Polish Government in London, documenting activities of the German occupant, psychological warfare against Nazi propaganda, consolidation of solidarity in the fight for independence of the Polish nation, collecting of information, reports and orders. BIP published underground press, like: Biuletyn Informacyjny (Information Bulletin), Wiadomości Polskie (Polish News) and Insurekcja (Insurrection); some of its departments carried secret trainings: Department A (film) in photoreport, direction, operation of megaphones.

Among others, cameramen and cutters Antoni Bohdziewicz, Wacław Kaźmierczak, Leonard Zawisławski, Seweryn Kruszyński, film/stage directors Jerzy Gabryelski, Jerzy Zarzycki pseudonym "Pik", Andrzej Ancuta, photographers Sylwester Braun and Joachim Joachimczyk, historian Aleksander Gieysztor, philologist professor Kazimierz Feliks Kumaniecki worked for BIP. Among others, Krystyna Wyczańska and Hanna Bińkowska were its liaisons officers.

Organisation of BIP[edit | edit source]

Tadeusz Żenczykowski

Kazimierz Moczarski

Wacław Kaźmierczak in Warsaw Uprising

Antoni Bohdziewicz - chief of Office of Film

Joachim Joachimczyk, photoreporter of Office of Photography (first left)

Andrzej Ancuta - cameraman of Office of Film

File:Gott mit uns - polish resistance poster, German-occupied Poland, 1943.jpg

One of satirical posters created by employees of the Sub-department of "N" Propaganda

File:Deutschland kaput - polish resistance poster.jpg

"Germany is kaput" (German language: Deutschland kaput): defeatist poster disseminated in the General Government by Operation N after the battle of Stalingrad, 1943.

File:New European Order.jpg

Polish resistance satirical poster - "New European Order" (German: Die Neuordnung Europas) - polish reaction on Hitler`s plans to establish a "new order" in Europe, under domination of nazi Germany. In the middle: Adolf Hitler, background: imprisoned European nations (France, Bulgaria, Holland, Yugoslavia, Belgium, Greece, Poland, Hungary etc.)

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  1. Tasks: supervision of the office of radio and megaphones regarding supplies of technical means, collection of materials and means

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