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Porolissum-porta-praetoria-icon Burnfield
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Alternative name(s) Rothiemay
Type Marching camp (probable)
Coordinates 57°31′06″N 2°46′02″W / 57.5182°N 2.7672°W / 57.5182; -2.7672
Site notes
Discovery year 1982
Condition Cropmark

Burnfield, located on the banks of the River Deveron in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, near Milltown of Rothiemay, is the site of a probable Roman marching camp, first discovered by aerial photography in 1982.[1]

The area enclosed by the camp is not known but it covered at least 9.72 hectares (24.0 acres)[2] and the topography of the site makes it unlikely to have exceeded 16 hectares (40 acres).[3] The ditch was found to be only 0.69 metres (2.3 ft) deep, as a result of which the site has been compared to nearby camps at Auchinhove and Ythan Wells.[3]



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