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The Bushmaster ACR is an American prototype assault rifle created to the ACR Program made to replace the M-4 Carbine and the M-16. It was initially a Magpul project however the project was brought by the Bushmaster industries.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Masada ri

Bushmaster ACR

fle was developed by US-based company Magpul Industries, which became famous for its line of aftermarket accessories and replacement parts for firearms. Work on the new modular rifle, suitable for civilian, police and military applications and designed more or less along the lines of the SCAR program commenced in 2006. First prototypes were shown to the public in 2007 at ShotShow, and early in 2008 it was announced that new rifle (previously known as Masada) will be mass-produced by famous American gun-making company Bushmaster Firearms. Current plans are to introduce civilian and police (semi-automatic) versions in mid-2009, with military select-fire version scheduled for production in late 2009. It is also planned to introduce Masada / Bushmaster ACR rifles in 5.56mm /.223 Remington caliber; other calibers might follow later. Magpul also is developing a 7.62x51/.308 Winchester version of the Masada / ACR rifle, provisionally known as Masoud. It is still in early development and no information is available on its date of release to the public. The Masada / Bushmaster ACR rifle is gas operated, semi-automatic or selective-fired (Military version only) weapon of modular design. It utilizes aluminum alloy upper receiver, with polymer pistol grip / trigger / magazine housing (lower receiver) unit which is attached to the upper receiver using cross-pins. Various types of lower receivers are planned to accommodate different types of magazines (i.e. AR-15 type magazines as opposed to AK-type magazines). The trigger / manual safety unit is made as a single removable item, and it mostly utilizes Ar-15-compatible parts. The barrels of ACR / Masada are quick-detachable, with short-stroke gas pistons attached to each barrel. To remove the barrel (for change, inspection or maintenance), user has to remove polymer handguards, then swing down the wire lever, located below the barrel, turn the barrel to unlock and pull it forward and out of the receiver. All barrels are free-floated within handguards to achieve consistent

Soldier testing the Bushmaster ACR

accuracy. Bolt group also is made as a single unit, with captive return spring and rotary multi-lug bolt which locks directly to the barrel breech. The standard magazine housing, which is suited to accept AR-15 type magazines, has ambidextrous magazine release buttons. The ambidextrous bolt stop release button is located at the front of the triggerguard. Safety lever is also ambidextrous, and charging handle can be installed on either side of the gun, depending on user preferences. Depending on the version (or user preferences) ACR / Masada rifle can be equipped with various Magpul-made buttstocks, fixed or side-folding, and adjustable for length of pull (some also with adjustable cheek rest). Each Masada / Bushmaster ACR rifle gas integral Picatinny rail on the top of the receiver; additional accessory rails can be installed on forend according to user preferences. Masada / Bushmaster ACR rifle can be fitted with removable iron sights, and/or with any optical or night sight with appropriate mounting.

Specifications[edit | edit source]

Type / action gas operated, rotating bolt
Caliber(s) 5.56x45 / .223 Rem, possibly others such as 7.62x39 M43
Weight unloaded 3.3 kg
Length 716 mm / 28.2" folded, 947 mm / 37.3" stock fully extended
Barrel length 406 mm / 16" (also 318mm / 12.5", 368mm / 14.5" and 457mm / 18")
Magazine capacity 30 rounds

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