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Bashir or Bushra al-Thamali was an Abbasid military commander and governor (wali or amir) of Tarsus and the borderlands with the Byzantine Empire in Cilicia (thughur ash-Shamiya).


In 925 he served as the deputy of the governor of Tarsus and the borderlands with the Byzantine Empire in Cilicia, Thamal al-Dulafi during the latter's absence in a campaign against the Qarmatians in Iraq. Along with the court eunuch Muflih he supervised the prisoner exchange with the Byzantines at the Lamos River in September–October 925.[1][2]

By 938, he served as the governor himself, and again supervised a prisoner exchange with the Byzantines, along with Ibn Warqa al-Shaybani. After 6,300 Muslims were exchanged for an equivalent number of Byzantines, the Byzantines still held 800 Muslim prisoners, who were ransomed over the next six months at the Podandos river.[2][3]


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Preceded by
Thamal al-Dulafi
Governor of Tarsus
ca. 938
Title next held by
Nasr al-Thamali

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