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PAK FA AESA maks2009.jpg
NIIP's Byelka AESA radar for the PAK FA on display at the 2009 MAKS airshow
Role X-Band, L-Band active electronically scanned array
National origin Russia
Manufacturer Tikhomirov NIIP
Designer Tikhomirov NIIP
Status Testing
Primary user Russian Air Force
Developed from Irbis-E

N036 Byelka is an advanced active electronically scanned array radar system developed by Tikhomirov NIIP for the fifth generation Sukhoi T-50 fighter aircraft. NIIP developed the radar from the N035 Irbis-E that was equipped on the Su-35S fighter aircraft.


The radar is a part of the T-50's Sh121 multifunctional integrated radio electronic system (MIRES). The N036 radar system is developed by Tikhomirov NIIP Institute and consists of a main nose-mounted X-band AESA radar with 1526 T/R modules, designated the N036-1-01,[1] and two smaller X-band AESA radars with 358 T/R modules mounted on the sides of the forward fuselage designated N036B-1-01. The suite also has two N036L-1-01 L-band arrays on the wing's leading edge extensions that are not only used for friend-or-foe identification but also for electronic warfare purposes. Computer processing of the X- and L-band signals enable the system’s information to be significantly enhanced.[2] The L402 Himaraya electronic countermeasures (ECM) suite made by the KNIRTI institute uses both its own arrays and that of the N036 radar.[3]


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