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Byron Paine was a Justice of the Wisconsin Supreme Court.


Paine was born on October 10, 1827, in Painesville, Ohio.[1] He moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1847.[2] Paine had three children with his wife, Clarissa. He was also a close friend of Sherman Booth and studied theology. Paine died on January 13, 1871, in Monona, Wisconsin.


Paine was twice a Justice of the Supreme Court. He was elected to the Supreme Court in 1859 after having previously served as a judge in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin. Later, he resigned from his position to serve in the American Civil War. He achieved the rank of lieutenant colonel with the 43rd Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiment of the Union Army. Paine was later re-appointed to the Supreme Court and remained a member until his health began to fail in 1870. Paine also represented Ezekiel Gillespie in the case Gillespie v. Palmer.[3]


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