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RCAF Station Yorkton
Type Radar Station
Coordinates Latitude:
Built 1961-1962
In use 1963-1986
Controlled by Air Force Ensign of Canada.svg Royal Canadian Air Force
Canada Saskatchewan location map
Red pog.svg
RCAF Station Yorkton
Location of RCAF Station Yorkton, Saskatchewan

Royal Canadian Air Force Station Yorkton (ADC ID: C-51) was a Long Range Radar (LRR) and Ground Air Transmitter Receiver (GATR) facility of the Pinetree Line. The site was SAGE compatible from day one.

The site was renamed to Canadian Forces Station or CFS Yorkton in 1967.

It was located near Yorkton, Saskatchewan, Canada, during the Cold War.

Construction was started in 1961.

Radar functions were operated by 46 Radar Squadron under the control of NORAD.

The station was operational from 1963-1986.

The White Spruce Youth Treatment Centre took over the site as a youth addiction facility up until 1998 and now is the site of Orcadia Youth Residence as a youth custody facility. A lot of the original buildings remain in good condition.

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