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CVW-13 Wing Insignia
Country United States
Branch United States Navy
Service history
Active 1 March 1944-1 January 1991
Battles World War II

Cold War

Carrier Air Wing Thirteen (CVW-13) was a United States Navy aircraft carrier air wing whose operational history spans from World War II to the end of the Cold War.

Air Group 81 (1944-1946)Edit

Air Wing Thirteen traces its lineage back to CVG-81 in World War II. CVG-81 was established on 1 March 1944 and was deployed on USS Wasp between 10 November 1944 and 13 March 1945.[1] Postwar, CVG-81 deployed on USS Princeton (CV-37) in the West Pacific between 3 July 1946 and 15 April 1947.


Transportation to HawaiiEdit

Embarked on USS Hancock (CV-19)

West Pacific Combat DeploymentEdit

Embarked on USS Wasp

Panama Canal TransitEdit

Embarked on USS Princeton

Second WestPac DeploymentEdit

Embarked on USS Princeton

  • VF-81
  • VBF-81
  • VB-81
  • VT-81


CVAG-13 (1946-1948)Edit

CVG-81 was redesignated CVAG-13 on 15 November 1946. The air group was stationed at NAS San Diego between 1948 and 1949.


CVG-13 (1948-1949)Edit

On 1 September 1948, CVAG-13 became CVG-13. CVG 13 deployed in the West Pacific once on USS Princeton between 1 October 1948 and 23 December 1948. CVG-13 was disestablished on 30 November 1949.


CVG-13 (1961-1962)Edit

CVG-13 was reactivated on 21 August 1961. It was deployed on shakedown in the Caribbean on USS Constellation from 3 March 1962 to 6 May 1962. CVG-13 was inactivated on 1 October 1962.

Composition (Caribbean Shakedown)Edit

Embarked on USS Constellation

CVW-13 (1984-1991)Edit

CVW-13 was activated on 1 March 1984. CVW-13 served three Mediterranean deployments aboard USS Coral Sea. CVW-13 was inactivated on 1 January 1991.



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