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CZ 807
CZ 807-7.62x39-IDEAS 2016.jpg
A 7.62×39mm CZ 807 assault rifle on display at IDEAS 2016, Karachi, Pakistan.
Type Assault rifle
Place of origin Czech Republic
Production history
Designer Česká zbrojovka Uherský Brod
Designed 2013
Manufacturer Česká zbrojovka Uherský Brod
Weight 3.15 kg (6.9 lb) [1]
Length 833–927 mm (32.8–36.5 in) [1]
Barrel length 408 mm (16.1 in) [1]

Cartridge 7.62×39mm [1]
Rate of fire 810 RPM (appr) [2]
Effective range 350 metres [2]
Feed system 30-round magazine [1]

The CZ 807 is a Czech dual-caliber assault rifle originally developed by Česká zbrojovka Uherský Brod for the Indian military. The rifle was announced by the company in 2013 at an event in Liberec.[3] However, in June 2015, the Indian tender was scrapped.[4][5]


The CZ 807 is derived from the CZ 805 BREN series of rifles. The basic characteristics of the rifle are that it is a piston operated, gas-driven select-fire rifle of dual calibers. The ambidextrous charging handle is easy to change sides on. It has a modular design, with an aluminum alloy upper receiver & a polymer lower receiver/fire control group. The bolt is a multi-lug type riding in a bolt carrier, locking into a barrel extension. The system is balanced well, and designed to meet the most rigorous modern requirements of an assault rifle.[2]

The CZ 807 is a standard individual weapon characterized by excellent reliability, durability and accuracy. It is one of the lightest weapons in its category with extremely good ergonomics. The weapon does not require complex maintenance and can be used in active duty for a long time. The basic stripping and reassembly of the weapon for routine maintenance may be performed without the use of any tools.

The materials used are non-flammable or fire-resistant, impact resistant and have a high resistance to mechanical damage. The controls are accessible from both sides. Other characteristics include folding telescopic stock and interchangeable backstraps in three sizes.[1]

Caliber ConversionEdit

Changing caliber of CZ 807 assault rifle is simple: the barrel assembly, bolt and firing pin, and the magazine are changed out in a field safe operation at the unit level. The trigger group of the CZ 807 has a magazine well that is for the 7.62×39mm magazines. To convert to 5.56×45mm, the only item needed for the lower (Trigger group) is the magazine well insert.[2]


The CZ 807 is available in three calibers:

  • 7.62×39mm CZ 807 Assault Rifle [2]
    • Barrel Length: 408mm
    • Bore grooves: 4
    • Rifling Twist: RH 240:1mm
    • Overall length: 833–927 mm [1]
    • Width: 78/102 mm [1]
    • Frame: Light alloy [1]
    • Rate of Fire (appr): 810 rpm
    • Effective range: 350 metres
    • Magazine capacity: 30 round
    • Rifle weight (no mag): 3.15 kg [1]
  • 5.56×45mm NATO CZ 807 Assault Rifle [2]
    • Barrel Length: 408mm
    • Bore grooves: 6
    • Rifling Twist: RH 178:1mm
    • Length of rifle: 904mm (W stock extended), 857mm (W stock retracted), 692mm (W stock folded)
    • Rate of Fire (appr): 810 rpm
    • Effective range: 450 metres
    • Magazine capacity: 30 round
    • Rifle weight (no mag): 3.41 kg
  • 7.62×51mm NATO CZ 807 Battle Rifle – At IDEAS 2016, CZ displayed accuracy & dispersion test results from a 7.62×51mm NATO version of the CZ 807.[6]

Potential usersEdit

  • Flag of Pakistan.svg Pakistan: CZ 807 was one of the three finalists in the Pakistan Army competition to replace Heckler & Koch G3 and Type 56 rifles.[7] In November 2016, Ceska Zbrojovka and Pakistan Ordnance Factories signed a Letter of Understanding (LoU) to "intensively negotiate a delivery of complete technology for the production of small arms to Pakistan Ordnance Factories, POF. Mutual interest refers to gradual launching of production in Pakistan, ranging from light assembly to maximum localization of production. Within this cooperation, transfer of technology as well as technical support including technical training of the personnel for Pakistan Ordnance Factories is expected."[8][9]

In March 2017, during a marketing demonstration to local law-enforcement agencies in Quetta, Balochistan, a Česká zbrojovka official stated that: "Recently we have signed a letter-of-understanding with POF, and we are ready to transfer, the full transfer (sic) of modern technology from CZ to Pakistan, to POF, so we can produce the most modern and most advanced assault rifles in the world at POF." CZ 807 assault rifles, Scorpion Evo 3 sub-machine guns, and P-series pistols were showcased at the event which was also attended by Pakistan Army officials.[10][11]

  • Flag of the Czech Republic.svg Czech Republic

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