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Cyril Alfred "C A" Joyce (born 1900) was a British prison manager and headmaster of an Approved School.

He served in the army during World War I, and afterwards in the Army Education Corps.[1] He then took a degree at University College, Southampton.[1] He joined the prison service in 1922.[1]

One of his charges at Borstal was the young IRA volunteer and novelist Brendan Behan, known for his autobiographical novel, Borstal Boy.[2]

He appeared as a "castaway" on the BBC Radio programme Desert Island Discs on 30 October 1971.[3]

A biography of Joyce, The hidden boy, by Richard Heron Ward, was published in 1962[4] His autobiography, Thoughts of a Lifetime, was published in 1971.[5]

Joyce's wife was an accomplished sculptor.[1]



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