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Ca Lu Combat Base
Quảng Trị Province
File:Ca Lu Combat Base USMC Vietnam 1968.jpg
Ca Lu Combat Base in December 1968
Type Marines
Coordinates Latitude:
Built 1967
In use 1967-9
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Vietnam War

Ca Lu Combat Base (Vietnamese: Cà Lu) was a United States Marine Corps base located on Highway or Route 9, near Krông Klang, Đa Krông District, western Quảng Trị Province, South Vietnam.[1][2]

From 16 July to 31 October 1967 the search and destroy-mission Operation Kingfisher was conducted in the area, resulting in 340 U.S. Marines killed and 3,086 wounded. The body count for North Vietnamese casualties was 1,117 killed and 5 POWs. This was followed by Operation Lancaster between 1 November 1967 and 20 January 1968, where the 9th Marine Regiment suffered 27 killed and 106 wounded and the North Vietnamese 46 killed.[3]

Map showing location of the Ca Lu Combat Base

In January 1968, Ca Lu was the western terminus of Highway 9 for the U.S. Marines since the road was cut between there and the Khe Sanh Combat Base. The 3d Battalion, 9th Marine Regiment under LtCol Gorton C. Cook manned both The Rockpile and Ca Lu Combat Base in 1968.[4][5]

Operation Lancaster II followed directly after Operation Lancaster and lasted until 23 November 1968, resulting in 1,801 known North Vietnamese casualties and 359 killed U.S. Marines and 1,713 wounded.[6]

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