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Cadet College Jaffarabad
Principal Muhammad Nawaz Soomro

Cadet College Jaffarabad is one of the three cadet colleges established in Balochistan in the era of then President Gen Parwaiz Musharaf with the aim to impart quality education to the people of Balochistan. The college started function on 15 March 2009 in the cattle farm area of Usta Muhammad Dist Jaffarabad. It starts from Class 7th to Intermediate.

==Principal:- Brigadier Ahsan Mehmood kiyani is the principal of Cadet College Jaffarabad since December 2018.


Hostels and wingsEdit

Four hostels having names Iqbal, Ghouri, Tipu and Jinnah, and one junior block i. e Chaker e Azam for junior cadets of class 7th and 8th.


There are many clubs functional in college; some are:

1) English literary society 2) Urdu literary society

3) Bilingual speech club

4) Urdu and English debate society

5) Nast khwani and Hussan e Qirrat society

6) Art and designing 7) Calligraphy 8) Essay writing in Urdu and English

9) Science club


1) Cricket (Champion Iqbalians)

2) Football (Champion Jinnaiens)

3) Volleyball (champian Jinnaiens)

4) badminton (Champian Sultanian)

5) Table tennis (Champion Ghourians)

6) Snooker Along the sports activity cadets are also trained in physical training(P. T, parade).


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