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Cadet College Kohat
File:Cadet College Kohat-Monogram.jpg
Outskirts of Kohat City, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
Motto From Darkness Unto Light
Opened 1965
Principal Brig(R)Inam-ul-Haq SI(M)
Area 144 acres
Colour(s) Navy blue
Demonym Kohatians
Houses 6

Cadet College Kohat is a military high school for boys of grades 8th through twelve. The high school is located in the outskirts of Kohat, Pakistan.[1]


In Pakistan, Cadet Colleges were introduced by late Field Marshal, Muhammad Ayub Khan and these were established at Hasanabdal, Kohat and Petaro. cadet college kohat is also known as garrison cadet college In pursuance of the recommendations of the Commission on National Education of the defunct Government of West Pakistan decided to establish another Cadet College to be the third in the province.

In recognition of the military services of the people of the area, Mr. Fateh Khan Bandial, the then Deputy Commissioner, Kohat, requested late Malik Amir Muhammad Khan, H.Pk, H.Q.A., the then Governor of West Pakistan that a Cadet College should be established at Kohat. Mr Fateh Khan acquired 144 acres (0.58 km2) of land for the college. The foundation-stone was laid by late Malik Amir M. Khan, on 19 April 1964.

The first entry of cadets was accepted in April 1965. Academic work started with 58 cadets and one boarding house called Jinnah House. Lt. Col. (Retd.) Faizullah Khattak (late) was its founding Principal.

Admin BlockEdit

Cadet College Kohat has a large body of administration. This body of administration has its offices in Admin Block. Adjacent to admin block is the principal's office. Admin Block has the following offices:

  • Office of Vice Principal
  • Office of Director of Studies
  • Office of Controller of Examination
  • Office of Adjutant
  • Office of Director of Finance

Academic BlockEdit

Cadet College Kohat has double story academic block. Academic Block consists of class rooms, assembly hall (Faizullah Khan Auditorium), Chemistry laboratory, Physics Laboratory (Dr. A. Q. Khan Laboratory), Biology Laboratory and Computer Laboratory. It also has a staff room.

Houses (boarding houses)Edit

The college is divided into six Boarding Houses spreading around the Academic Block in a semicircular shape. Houses are named after personalities of national and regional importance. Each House can accommodate up to 100 cadets and consists of ten small and two large dormitories. Apart from dormitories, there are six single rooms for the appointment holders and distinguished cadets who are selected from amongst the senior Cadets on the basis of their previous record and qualities of leadership. One of the members of faculty is appointed as an in charge of the House, known as House Master. A house tutor is available to all students during their prep and study times.

Colours House Named after Motto Established Present House Masters
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Navy Blue Jinnah Muhammad Ali Jinnah Unity, Faith, Discipline 1965 Mr. Zia Ur Rehman
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Green Khushal Khushal Khan Khattak Die for Honour 1966 Mr. Khuram Abbas
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Light blue Iqbal Allama Muhammad Iqbal Faith, Action, Fraternity 1966 Mr. Rahatullah
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Red Ayub Field Marshal Muhammad Ayub Khan Aspire and Achieve 1968 Mr. Abdul Wali khan
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Light green (originally white) Munawar Dr. Munawar Khan Afridi Enlightened To Serve 1969 Mr. Nauman khan
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Orange Rustam Muhammad Rustam Kayani Truth, Justice, Integrity 1969 Mr. Muhammad Mazhar Qurashi


The college is spread over an area of about 144 acres (0.58 km2). The buildings comprise an Academic Block, Admin Block, six boarding houses (spread around the Academic Block in a semicircular shape), three messes, a mosque, a gymnasium, a cafeteria, a swimming pool, a ten-bed hospital, several sports fields including six football grounds, six hockey fields, two cricket pitches, six basketball courts and two squash courts. The college has residential accommodation for the teaching and administrative staff.


Cadet College Kohat has rich collection of books in its library named "Khursheed Library"; named after then Principal, Mirza Khurshid Anwar Beg). Under the supervision of a qualified Librarian, the library is providing services to 542 Cadets and 230 College employees. Total Collection of the library is 30,000 books, including Islamic, Reference, Computer, History, Science and Arts Books. Similarly to provide latest information and to improve the English language of the Cadets, English & Urdu magazines, Journals, Digests, Newspapers etc., of National and International level have also been subscribed for library. An audio-visual library has been set up with the latest equipment to acquaint the cadets with modern techniques of learning.


The college has a spacious and beautiful mosque. It has recently been renovated. More than 1000 people can pray/accommodate in Masjid Hall.


The college has a twenty-bed hospital along with two isolation rooms for special cases. A full-time medical officer assisted by two dispensers look after the health of cadets. The college hospital has its own ambulance. Cadets are referred to C.M.H. Kohat for medical treatment as well.

Messes / Dining HallsEdit

There are three messes catering for the needs of cadets. The Messing Officer supervises the working of messes. The Caterer looks after the procurement and supply of dry and fresh provisions. Every effort is made to provide a balanced and nutritious diet with several fruits. Meals include breakfast, milk during breakfast, refreshment during break, lunch, evening tea and dinner. Recently Dining Hall has been extended.

Notable alumniEdit

College AnthemEdit

Famous Poet Ahmad Faraz has written the College Anthem that is sung only in the Monday morning assembly.

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