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Camp Maxey was a World War II infantry training camp named in honor of Samuel Bell Maxey.

Located just north of Paris, Texas, it opened on July 15, 1942 under the command of Colonel C.H. Palmer. The first division to be trained at the camp was the 102nd Infantry Division, which was activated on September 15, 1942. The 793rd Military Police Battalion was activated at Camp Maxey on December 26, 1942. The Battalion stayed at Camp Maxey until February 1944, when they departed for Scotland to train for the invasion of France.

The camp was placed on inactive status on October 1, 1945, and is now part of the Camp Maxey Texas Army National Guard training facility.

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Coordinates: 33°46′53″N 95°32′39″W / 33.78139°N 95.54417°W / 33.78139; -95.54417

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