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Canadian Forces Chief Warrant Officer
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Incumbent Kevin C. West
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The Canadian Forces Chief Warrant Officer or CFCWO (French language:adjudant-chef des Forces canadiennes or adjuc FC) is the senior non-commissioned member appointment in the Canadian Forces. The post was created in 1978[1]

Rank and InsigniaEdit

The CFCWO holds the substantive rank of Chief Warrant Officer (if Army or Air Force) or Chief Petty Officer 1st Class (if Navy). Even if the incumbent is a Naval Chief Petty Officer, the appointment title remains "Canadian Forces Chief Warrant Officer".

The rank insignia of the CFCWO is the Coat of Arms of Canada in coloured thread, surrounded by a wreath of twenty-eight maple leaves in gold thread, worn on the lower sleeve of the Service Dress jacket. The cap badge is the Coat of Arms of Canada, in full-colour metallic thread.

List of Canadian Forces Chief Warrant OfficersEdit

Name Tenure Image
John Marr 1987-1991[2] Example
Guy Parent 1995-1999[2] -
Richard Lupien[2] 2001-2004 -
Daniel Gilbert[2] 2004-2007 -
Greg Lacroix[2] 2007-2010 -
Robert Cléroux  MMM CD July 2010[3] to July 5, 2013 Chief Warrant Officer of the Canadian Forces Chief Petty Officer 1st Class Robert Cleroux visits SEAC Sgt. Maj. Bryan Battaglia
Kevin C. West  MMM MSM CD[4] July 5, 2013 to present[4] -


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