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Launch Complex 10
Launch site Cape Canaveral Air Force Station
Location 28°27′07″N 80°33′25″W / 28.45194°N 80.55694°W / 28.45194; -80.55694Coordinates: 28°27′07″N 80°33′25″W / 28.45194°N 80.55694°W / 28.45194; -80.55694
Short name LC-10
Operator US Air Force
Total launches 10
Launch pad(s) One
Launch history
Status Dismantled
First launch Navaho
12 August 1957
Last launch Draco
27 April 1959
SM-64 Navaho

Launch Complex 10 (LC-10) at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida was a launch pad used by SM-64 Navaho missiles, and later Jason and Draco sounding rockets. It was located north of Launch Complex 17, where Launch Complexes 31 and 32 are now located. The pad consisted of a small concrete launch structure[citation needed] with an elevated launch pedestal and built-in flame trench, centered on a small oval-shaped concrete pad.

A single Navaho missile was test-launched from LC-10, on 12 August 1957,[1] and was one of only three Navahos to complete a successful flight. Following the cancellation of the Navaho, LC-10 was reused for launches of Jason and Draco sounding rockets during 1958 and 1959. The last launch to use the site was of a Draco on 27 April 1959.

LC-10 was subsequently demolished during the construction of Launch Complexes 31 and 32, which were built on the same site.

Notes[edit | edit source]

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