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Capture of Torrijos Airport
Part of the United States invasion of Panama
DateDecember 19, 1989
LocationPanama City

American victory

  • Capture of Panamanian Air Force
United States United States

Panama Panama

Commanders and leaders
United States Robert W. Wagner Panama ?
Units involved

1st Battalion

82nd Airborne Division
2nd PDF Company
Casualties and losses
2 WIA 5 KIA, 21 POW

The Capture of Torrijos Airport was a U.S military operation during the invasion of Panama. The goal of this operation was to capture the Panamanian air force, headquartered at the airport, and to close the airport to traffic coming into Panama.[1]

The capture of Torrijos Airport was done by American paratroopers and rangers. During the operation 2 U.S rangers were wounded and 5 PDF soldiers were killed and 21 were captured.[2]

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