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Porolissum-porta-praetoria-icon.png Castra of Hunedoara
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Founded 2nd century AD
Place in the Roman world
Roman province Dacia
Administrative unit Dacia Apulensis
Administrative unit Dacia Superior
Stationed military units
— Legions —
vexill. Legio XIII Gemina[1][verification needed]
Coordinates 45°44′56.30″N 22°53′17.93″E / 45.748972°N 22.8883139°E / 45.748972; 22.8883139Coordinates: 45°44′56.30″N 22°53′17.93″E / 45.748972°N 22.8883139°E / 45.748972; 22.8883139
Place name Dealul Sânpetru[1][verification needed]
Town Hunedoara
County Hunedoara
Country  Romania
Site notes
Condition Ruined

The castra of Hunedoara was a fort in the Roman province of Dacia located on Hunedoara, Romania.[1] On this fort situated on Sânpetru Hill stationed vexillationes of Legion XIII Gemina.[1]

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